Van Theuni
Designer, 3D Artist, Illustrator

17.02.2024 | Concept Art Arctic Environments

I spend some more time practicing my digital painting skills and elaborated one of the Arctic concept sketches a little more. Here is the result...

01.02.2024 | Concept Art Arctic Environments

arctic environment concept sketches

I started to practice my digital painting skills. Here are some more concept art sketches within the arctic landscape theme I've chosen for now.

01.01.2024 | New Illustration - Concept Art

"Little Red Riding Hood in the Forest" is the name of this picture / concept art that I created for practice purposes over the turn of the year.

18.12.2023 | Update 2d digital art gallery

I updated my 2d art gallery with some old concept sketches. I'm planing to create more new sketches in the near future. The desire to paint took hold of me.

12.11.2023 | New - autumn posters available

The first batch of posters with nature fall motifs by me is available on my Spreadshirt Shop. You are cordially invited to take a look at the different poster motifs and buy them if you like them.

29.10.2023 | Autumn - late summer impressions


Here are a few photographs that I have taken during my daily nature excursions over the past few weeks. In the future, I plan to publish selected photos of myself as posters on my Spreadshirt shop.

13.10.2023 | Spreadshirt Design "Moin"


Good Morning! It's time to wake up and greet the day with a happy kikeriki! A cup of coffee and your “Good Morning Rooster” T-shirt will certainly help you start your day. I also started this 3D character created in Blender some time ago. Now I have finished it and the design is available in my Spreadshirt shop for various products.

02.09.2023 | Spreadshirt Design Challenge "Retro"


I'm currently participating in a Spreadshirt Design Challenge. The motto is "retro" and here is the motif I submitted. It is already available here in my Spreadshirt Shop for a variety of products.

20.08.2023 | Ninja Stormtrooper

It's been a while since I created this 3D Ninja Stormtrooper figure for a game. To really show them off, I've now created a matching Cyberpunk Neo Tokyo background. You can buy the Ninja Stormtrooper model designed for T-shirts and other products, as well as a poster, in my Spreadshirt Shop here.

07.08.2023 | New Spreadshirt Designs


Reggae T-Shirt women pink
Reggae T-Shirt man blue
Reggae T-Shirt women blue
Reggae Hoodie women
Reggae coffee mug
Reggae bag

I created some new reggae designs and made them available in my Spreadshirt shop. There you can choose between many different products such as t-shirts, hoodies, stickers and coffee mugs up to huge posters. From bold colors to unique designs, this season's reggae t-shirts are sure to turn heads. If you are looking for something different, you will find just the thing in my shop to stand out from the crowd.