Van Theuni
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2023.01.09 | Vlog of the indie game I'm developing

Here is some work in progress ingame footage of the Indie game I'm developing in unity3d at the moment. a reinterpretation of an old arcade game named Pang redone as a computer game for Windows. The game is completely developed with visual scripting in unity and all assets are created and animated with Blender 3d.

Another mid-level boss I created recently. I named this one Darth Bubbles 🤖😁 🤖

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Music: Mothership
Written by Rafael Krux

2022.12.24 | Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all my family members, friends and followers 🎄🎅🙏

2022.11.11 | Some autumn impressions

Here are some autumn 🍁 pictures I took lately on my daily walks through the nearby area I live... enjoy while watching.

2022.10.31 | Halloween Greetings

Happy Halloween to all of you 🎃👻🧟‍♂️ here is a quick Blender rendering to get you into the right mood.

2022.09.16 | A new obstacle for my game

A quick blender rendering of 'hover bot' from the indiegame I'm developing right now - I wouldn't call him an enemy, but you shouldn't cross his path either.

2022.08.28 | Work in progress - A bunch of in game screenshots

Here are some screenshot impressions of the game I'm working on at the moment. Click them for a larger view. Feel free to follow me on... Instagram | Facebook | Twitter for even more in game previews and movie clips.

2022.05.31 | Unity spaghetti coding progress aka visual scripting

Some of the code I wired together for the game I'm working at right now, and it's approximately only 1/3 of the Spaghetti 🍝 mess shown I created so far 🤣🤖🕹

2022.04.20 | Starting a game project with Unity visual scripting

indie game developement

I started working on a new project... trying my best as a indie game developer. Here's a first blender rendering of the main character... ChibiBot 🤖I created this little fellow for another mobile game which unfortunately never made it 😅. So I decided to re-use some of the 3d game assets and try my best getting into visual scripting.

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