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2020.11.23 | 3dprinted bonsai pots and planter IV, V & VI

🇩🇪  Bonsai Standard Schalen... Formfindung... auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Winkel . Ebenfalls zum Einsatz kamen dieses Mal changierende, metallische Farben.

Auf einem Ultimaker S3 mit Tough PLA gedurckt, Größe (b/t/h): 14cm x 11cm x 5cm

🇬🇧 Bonsai standard pots... form finding... in search of the perfect angle . Also experimented with some new color shifting dye.
Printed on ultimaker with tough PLA, Dimensions (w/d/h):  14cm x  11cm x  5cm

2020.11.12 | 3dprinted bonsai pot experiments

🇬🇧 This time I was in need of a bigger pot because of all the crassula cuttings I took this year I planned to create a little bonsai forest.

I experimented a lot with inks, varnish, crackle and chipping mediums. Like with most experiments this one turned out as a mixture of success, surprises and failures . Intentionally it should mimic a glazed pot but IMHO it looks more like these Indian turquoise stones.

Printed on ultimaker with tough PLA
Dimensions (w/d/h): 30 cm x 19 cm x 3.5 cm

2020.11.04 | Custom 3dprinted actionfigure

🇬🇧 Finally this little droid made his step into the real world...

Printed with ultimaker tough PLA at 0.15 Z height.

Dimensions with base h/w/d: 176 mm x 165 mm x 152 mm

Prepared & painted mostly with vallejocolors products except of the glowinthedark parts. Since the fellow who is going to get this 3dprint likes "clean" versions of robots  I hold back on weathering effects . But my kids already claimed also to have their own actionfigures so there will be plenty of opportunities in the nearby future for more 3dprintedmodels .

2020.10.30 | Just in time - 3dprinted halloweendecoration

🇬🇧 Here is the reason for pausing the ChibiBot project... our new indoor halloween pumpkin

I do have a couple of Halloween assets I will reuse from the indie game I mentioned in my last post. Preparing the pumpkin for 3dprinting was quite easy and quickly done.

As always the paint job was the fun part and I had some glowinthedark features in mind...  I painted the inside of the pumpkin, hand & feet with orange fluorescent paint. Additionally, a flickering LED candlelight was placed in the notch beneath the pumpkin . As you can see in the images the effect turned out quite nicely.

Printed with ultimaker tough PLA at 1.5 layer height.

dimensions without  & (w/d//h): 11 cm x 11 cm x 10 cm

2020.10.20 | WIP - 3D Printed ChibiBot

🇬🇧 Trying something different... this is going to be a present for a good former colleague of mine. We were working together in our spare time, developing a mobile indiegame called petrichor_the_game . Unfortunately the project came to a hold with everything else beginning of the year.

So this little robot was one of three playable characters in the game and the favorite one of my fellow. We named him chibi bot and since I already had  modeled, rigged & animated him in blender for real-time use in unity3d - I thought lets give him a try as a 3dprint .

And here is a learning I made twice now . Using 3d models which have been created for different purposes take time to get them 3d printable.

And like the original project I have to pause this one due to the fact that helloween is approaching fast and my family made me aware of the lack of indoor decoration .

2020.10.15 | Final - 3d printed Stone Trough Replica

🇬🇧 And here it is... the final result. Printed, painted & ready for use. Three separate trays for individual plantings are available. All got a drainage grid at the bottom so the excessive water can run out of the gargoyle noses.

It was a real fun project and the result is for sure quite an unusual plantpot . Really makes a nice appearance as a herb planter on our window sill.

I was already reflecting how to transfer the design to different shapes for planters but for now they will stay 3dprintingideas

Some project information:

Dimensions (L/W/H): 30cm x 16cm x 11cm

14 pieces printed on a ultimaker at 0.15 Z height with tough PLA. Most of the post-production was done with vallejo products.

020.10.05 | WIP IV - 3dprinted Stone Trough Replica

🇬🇧 All the pieces are now sanded and primed. Now the fun part starts... painting and texturing.

2020.10.01 | WIP III -3d printed Replica Stone Trough

🇬🇧 A little video I made while testing the drainage capability of the #3dprinted stone trough. Since Helloween is near I used greenish bubble water . Enjoy the mes

2020.09.28 | Tree of life - 3d printed bonsai pots

🇬🇧 The rune I used is the celtic treeoflife sign. The symbolism of the Celtic Tree of Life is ultimately about the forces of nature combining to create balance and harmony. The branches reach for the sky, the roots reach down into the ground. A representation of the link between heaven and earth, mind and body and the never-ending cycle of life. The Celts believed that the Tree of Life was a symbol of longevity, wisdom and strength. They even believed that trees were actual ancestors of man and provided a gateway to the spirit world. Another meaning is one of rebirth. The tree sheds its leaves as the weather turns colder and bursts into life with the arrival of Spring.

2020.09.25 | WIP Part II - 3d Replica Stone Trough

🇬🇧 Quick update... assembly is going well. All the pieces fit and now it's all about sanding... new learnings... tough pla is really tough in terms of sanding.

2020.09.23 | WIP - 3d Replica Stone Trough

🇬🇧 So far all the parts have been printed nicely without surprises. Next steps: cleaning, sanding & assembly.
You may have noticed on one of the photos that I'm cleaning noses . This will be one of the constructive updates to the model I made. The original stone trough does not have a drainage hole, so I came up with the idea of creating some through the stone gargoyle noses.

2020.09.17 | 3D Printed Ancient Stone Trough

🇬🇧 A couple of years ago I created a 3d photogrammetry scan of a stone trough standing in my parents garden. This was a quick and dirty shooting I did and the stone trough probably was already ancient the time my parents bought it decades ago.
So this will be my first attempt in doing a 3d printed replica of a photogrammetry scan and enhance it with some constructive ideas of mine. Of course, it will be scaled down for indoor usability.

First step was to elaborate the 3d model otherwise the 3d printer would only output a fairly smooth surface since most of the details are embedded in the photo texture. Here are some blendercycles created renderings of the 3d photogrammetry scan before detail sculpting and an actual shot how it looks in reality... 3d printing is in progress, watch out for updates!

2020.09.16 | 3d print for Salt & Pepper

🇬🇧 While working on my DIY airbrush spray box, my wife demanded my newly adopted 3d printing skills. Since I was also printing already parts of a new project (more to come soon), I used the last bits of filament on the actual spool for creating some useful little things...

One of the lids broke and the pepper mill had none at all before. It's kind of fun to repair and enhance stuff in the house with the help of a 3d printer.

2020.09.01 | 3D Print Test Project II

🇬🇧 ...definitely had some learnings and luck within this project. I was ready to start another 3d print job, when all of a sudden a power blackout occurred. Certainly the printer would have continued from the point where it stopped, but I was glad I didn't have to test this function.

A succulent cutting of mine which grew to big needed to be repotted and I had a shortage of bonsai pots. So here is my first try doing 3d printed pottery, post processing it and trying to transfer the Asian bonsai style into a Celtic theme. Since I have been watching a couple of documentaries about the Celtic culture I was quite fascinated and surprised about what eventually lies under my feet. Don't know if I continue with the Celtic designs for the pottery or maybe just extract some runes for a new logo of mine. Btw... the big Crassula Ovata Gollum (Fotot Nr.5) is the mother plant... still recovering from some severe pruning and repoting it received beginning of June. After almost 20 years of getting ignored and sitting in the same pot some of the branches started to literally grow downwards.

Some learnings I had this time...

definitely need to think about model based separations for better post-production handling. Need thinner brushes and a magnifying glass. DEFINITELY need to build up my airbrush setup and create some sort of DIY exhaust hood (probably going to be my next project)...

Celts rule! 😅

2020.08.15 | 3D Print Test Project I

🇬🇧 First steps have been made... 3d printer has been set up and is working fine. So for testing I have choosen something fairly simple. Restoring our 70-year-old food processor which is still used by my wife on a daily base. You can still find machines like this in the museum or in our kitchen 😅.

Unfortunately the original lid and filler plug broke and were temporarily repaired and replaced with polyvinylchlorid based molding mass (Fimo). So I recreated these parts in Blender and printed them with tough black PLA. Z layer height was quite rough at 0.2 mm. Took about 10 hours for one part using PVA as support material.

My new boss aka wife is quite pleased with the result and gave me the permission to continue with repairing our inventory 🤣. So if you got any beloved broke down things at home you want me to fix... just drop me a note.

2020.07.27 | The Beginning

🇬🇧 My first blog post. Feels a bit odd creating this kind of digital diary. But if I keep doing this, it will be fun in a couple of years to scroll down and see how it all started. So here it is... thanks to Karma and work life hick ups, the Swabian Hobbit takes his step out of the door into the world of 3d printing. First steps... creating space and obtain a 3d printer.

There are a lot of ideas already buzzing through my head but for "testing the 3d printer setup" I probably will choose something simple...